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Esther Supreeleela

Hi,My name is Esther Supreeleela or you can call me Esther.I live in Thailand.Now , I’m now studying at Bangkok university.

I get to know WSC from the website.I took all the required subjects for GED for the first time here at WSC. The teachers here are professional and friendly ,and I passed all the subjects without any difficulty. I’m very happy and never regretted  to take classes here at WSC.

Mimi Ramita Kaewchuangsri

Helllllloooo!! My name is Ramita Kaewchuangsri, and my nickname is Mimi. I am a 9th grader from International Community School [ICS]. I took the IGCSE exams and now I am waiting for the results. I also took the SAT and the CU-AAT in the past, but the scores for the writing and the Critical Reading sections were not that good.

Before I came to study at WSC, I had studied the Critical Reading at another institute. However, the teacher there didn’t give any homework or focus on vocabulary. As a result, my scores were very low. Fortunately, a teacher at that institute also introduced me to WSC and advised me to study from Teacher Zack. When I came to WSC, my scores started to improve.  Teacher Zack has given me good techniques for doing the Critical reading and writing sections as well as so much vocabulary.

After learning from him, I’ve now come to realize that getting the perfect score of 800 in the Critical Reading section is possible if you know the vocabulary!!!!!!!!

Boss Adit Wonglamsam

 Hi! My name is Boss, a student at WSC. From my perspective, WSC is one of the best institutions in Bangkok for those aspiring to get into a good university. I studied IELTS from Ajarn Aey who finally helped me to achieve the band score I expected in order to apply to MUIC.  I also learned how to write academic essays from Ajarn Zack, which enabled me to pass the MUIC examination. I cannot find any words that can fully describe how much I appreciate and respect them.


Well, if you are interested in taking IELTS or writing preparation courses, I highly recommend that you consider taking their classes.


Oras Phongpanangam

Hi! My name is “Oras Phongpanangam”, and my nickname is “Kan-Eng”.  In Thai, “Oras” means a son, “Phongpanangam” means a beautiful forest, and “Kan-Eng” means friendly. My ancestors were from China [although I can’t speak Chinese], and my last name comes from my Chinese last name, “?”, which means a forest. “Oras” is synonymous with another Thai word “Oros”, but my name is Oras somehow.

Since I was in kindergarten, I have studied in a school called “Roong-aroon”. It’s a jungle-like school because you can see trees everywhere, and it’s considerably famous. Now I’m studying in grade 10.

About two months ago, my mom told me about WSC after she heard about it from her friends. She said it was a very good school and I needed to learn some extra English for the future education. I agreed with her. I also found out that many students from Roong-Aroon study here, too.  And the fact that they’re all good students encouraged me to finally take a course as well.

I’m studying from Teacher Zack whom I found to be a very good teacher. He teaches me with  activities, which enable me to learn and practice my writing, speaking, summarizing, reading, and vocabulary skills all at once. At my school, I always thought that I was pretty good at English. But when I study from him, I find out that there are many flaws in my English. With his help, I can fix those mistakes and immensely strengthen my English skills. I still have some problems with my English in class, but I’m sure I can improve myself further.

My dream is to be one of the greatest computer programmers ever recorded in the history of the world, starting by studying in a good university. Roong-aroon has a connection with a university
called “Technology Phra Jom Klao Thonburi” which is famous for its computer-engineering course, and there are quotas for admitting students every year. But this program is only conducted in English. With that goal in my mind, I have to prepare myself fast and WSC really helps me. For instance, after just three classes, talking with my English teacher at school has become a piece of cake. I’m sure that I will be a part of the aforementioned quota and start
walking along a path towards my dreams.


Hi! My name is Vasin Suchatwut. You can call me Wise. I’m studying at Mahidol University International College [MUIC]. I’m in the first year going on to the second year soon. I’m now majoring in international business, but in the second year I plan to change to the computer engineering major.

I have studied at WSC for about two to three years, starting from the GED course and then followed by the SAT. In the end, I didn’t get to use the scores of these two tests because Mahidol required a different one.  Even though I didn’t use the scores of the two tests I mentioned, what I studied have helped to develop my English skills enormously. Currently, I’m taking an academic writing course with AJ Zack to improve my writing techniques and grammar. He teaches me not only from textbooks but also from the kind of English used in real life, which is one of the keys to being successful in future.

My ultimate hope is that I can use these skills I have learned from WSC to help me make it through my study at university and use them to streamline my family business soon.


Before I took the GED examination, I had been afraid of failing it. It was as if I had been in the dark without light to guide me a way out. At that time, I felt hopeless because I had nobody pull me out from this gorge. When I started to search for an academy where I could prepare for the GED, I found WSC. When I entered and talked with the officers, I felt that it was suitable for me. Whatever I asked about the GED, they always replied with polite words and gave a lot of information. At that moment, I thought that I had chosen the right school. When I started to learn from this school, I noticed that the teachers were cheerful and encouraging to students. I spent four months at WSC for learning and obtaining a lot of knowledge, which I hadn’t known before.

At WSC, I learnt from five teachers who had a lot of experience in teaching GED. I would like to introduce them in the order that I took classes with, namely Miss Aey, Miss Fon, Miss Au, Mr Zack, Mr Richard. I would like to say that during the four months of studying GED at WSC, it was a wonderful time that I will never forget.

Firstly, Miss Aey taught me reading. Previously I did not know any reading techniques, and I found reading so boring. When I learnt from her, the subject became much more interesting, and I wanted to learn more in order to be better at it. She taught me a lot of excellent techniques.

Secondly, Miss Fon was my science teacher in GED. I would like to say that I hated science very much, and whenever I had to study this subject, I felt bored. But when I learnt from her, it was so fun that I wouldn’t want to stop learning at all. Her teaching was superb.

Thirdly, Miss Au was my mathematics teacher. She gave me a lot of questions in maths for practice. I wanted to say that my weakest subject was probably mathematics. But Miss Au helped me to overcome my Achilles heel. I really enjoyed her teaching.

The next on my must-mention list is Mr Zack. He taught GED Writing.  English has always
been my most favorite subject from all the other subjects. When I learned from him, I felt that I
wanted to learn more in order to become better. His vocabulary and pedagogical techniques were exceptional.

Finally, Mr Richard taught me Social Studies. This subject was my worst one, and I did not want to learn it because I was not familiar with the history of the world. However, when he tutored me, I felt that this subject would become my next cup of tea. His wonderful teaching made me fall in love with it.

All in all, I would like to say thank you to all the teachers who taught me. I believe that WSC has provided me with a very good stepping stone for my future study and career. You have given me the chance to be where I am today, and most importantly, to be able to stand on my own feet.

Chanya Tamada

I have studied at WSC for a year, and I recognize myself that I fully gained academic advancement. To begin with, I took the IELTS preparation course and aimed to derive high score from the evaluation. At first, I was merely expecting to pass the standard score 6.5. Thus, I had put my hard effort on practices in class and received the valuable assistance from my lovely teacher, Mr. Golf, the person who teaches me how to write and speak wisely for the examination. As a result, I got 7.5 from the full score of 9.0. Definitely, it is over my expectation. I would like to pass my message to all friends who are now preparing for any upcoming tests that “you will not get what you want, but you will get what you are”. I would like to express my thankfulness to WSC for being my great academic consultant and everyone who has helped me to achieve my academic goal with sincerity and friendly practices. My memorable tutoring institute, of course, is always WSC.

Good luck to you.
Chanya Tamada


Hi my name is TANGMO. I am a Law School student from Kasetsart University. Now that I have graduated, I’m planning to puruse a master’s degree in international and comparative law in the US.   And I got advice from my cousin to study from Aj.Zack.

Although I had studied English language all my life and had gotten good scores in the Thai schools ‘exams, my English skills were still insufficient for the real world. I didn’t know how to use my Englishin my daily life until Aj.Zack helped to shed light on many issues for me from his own experience. The time in class with him always flies because I feel that I am not just studying but also engaging in fruitful conversations with someone who has been there and done that.

Studying at WSC gives me not only language skills, but also the convenience from the numerous facilities for their students. I often come to school early to hone my English skills by reading English news papers and using the computer room.

I improve English very fast within a few months. I wish one day I could speak English like a native speaker.

Gail Kewalin Ratanasopinswat

After dropping out from Architecture, I decided to get into the BBA international program at Chulalongkorn Uni.  At the time, I had only one chance to do the CU-AAT and only one month to prepare for it.


The English part of both CU-AAT and SAT is considered the advanced level and has always been difficult for most students from Thai schools.  I believe that getting a good score on such tests requires considerable lesson reviews and good preparation.  Perhaps this is why I decided to take an intensive course at WSC. 


It turned out that this cram course helped me to do even better math. I blundered less and began to use the calculator more efficiently.  After the course, I became more careful and made fewer mistakes as well as learned shortcut techniques from the teacher.  As for the verbal part, the teacher assembled all the test-worthy words for me to study, which I actually found them on the test.


I also got to practice speed-reading, inference making, and identifying syntactic errors both at school and home. Eventually, I could get into the BBA program as originally planned.  I feel glad and proud, as I owe my success to my determination and WSC.

Mint Chanisara Uengsawat

My name is Chanisara Uengsawat, or you can call me Mint. I come from Ubonratchatani, which is in the northeast of Thailand. I graduated from Saint Joseph's Convent school in Bangkok. I am just a normal student who wants to get the best scores in IELTS for applying to Chulalongkorn University in the major of Communication Design. I want to be a good designer in the future, and I hope my dreams will come true.
Studying at WSC is one of the best ways to help me increase my IELTS scores. I have been taking an IELTS course in Mr. Zack's class. He is very kind but can be very strict at times. He guides me through a lot of questions and gives me techniques on how to perform better in the test. Although I just want to focus only on writing, I have to do all the class activities in English to enhance all my four skills.
I wish to get into a good university and study the subjects that I like. Perhaps I will become one of the most famous fashion designers in Paris or Milan soon.   

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