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CU-AAT - Chulalongkorn University Academic Aptitude Test


The CU-AAT is an academic aptitude test developed by Chulalongkorn University. It is designed for students who wish to enter English and international Bachelor’s programs at Chulalongkorn University. The CU-AAT assesses the candidate’s math and English skills, including critical reading, writing and verbal skills.

What is tested?

The CU-AAT is divided into two sections, the math section and the verbal section. The verbal section is further divided into the critical reading and writing sections.

1.     Math: The math section covers the following topics:

a.     Arithmetic

b.    Algebra

c.     Geometry

d.    Problem solving

The math section consists of a total of 55 questions and has to be completed inside of 70 minutes. Note that only non-programmable/non-graphic calculators are allowed during the exam.

2.     Verbal: The verbal section covers questions assessing the candidate’s ability to

a.     Understand how the different parts of a sentence fit logically together

b.    Finding the meaning of vocabulary in context

c.     Identifying sentence errors

d.    Improving sentences and paragraphs

The verbal section, moreover, includes a critical reading and writing section.

2.1 Critical Reading: The critical reading section includes questions covering sentence completion and passage-based reading.

2.2  Writing: The writing section comprises of questions asking the candidate to improve sentences.

The verbal section consists of a total of 55 questions which have to be answered inside of 70 minutes. Dictionaries are not allowed during the test and each wrong answer leads to a deduction of 0.25 points of the total score.


The CU-AAT encompasses a total of 110 questions, and the total test duration is 140 minutes. All questions are posed as multiple-choice. Candidates can use the test results for application up to two years after the test date. They are allowed to take the test more than once to achieve the best possible results. However, candidates should make sure to have their test results ready at the beginning of the year for admission to Chulalongkorn University.

For more information on the CU-AAT and test registration, please visit the website of the Chulalongkorn University Academic Testing Center.