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TU-GET - Thammasat University Graduate English Test

What is the TU-GET?

The TU-GET stands for General English Test and was developed by Thammasat University. It is part of the admission process for students who wish to enter international programs at Thammasat University. Some faculties also require students to take the exam regardless of whether they wish to enter an international program or not. The TU-GET is also open to individuals who would like to assess their English language ability.

Test Content

The TU-GET is divided into three parts: Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension.

1.     Grammar: This section features two different sets of questions, sentence completion and error identification. Candidates have to answer a total of 25 questions worth a total of 250 points.


2.     Vocabulary: The vocabulary section also comprises of two different sets of questions, cloze and synonyms exercises. Candidates have to answer a total of 25 questions worth a total of 250 points.


3.     Reading Comprehension: The reading comprehension section is comprised of 7-8 passages. The candidate has to answer 6-7 questions about each passage. There are a total of 50 questions in this section and candidates can earn a maximum of 500 points.

All in all, the TU-GET is comprised of 100 questions that have to be completed in three hours with a maximum score of 1000 points. Candidates need a minimum of 550 points to pass the test. Should candidates not reach the minimum pass score of 550 points, they will need to enroll in additional English classes TU 005 and TU 006 during their first semester. The TU-GET is offered 5 times a year by the Language Institute  of Thammasat University. Test results are valid for two years and will be issued by post about 3-4 weeks after the test date.