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Academic Writing - Academic Writing


Often, learning English emphasizes Reading Comprehension and Communicating so that learners may be able to meet the objective of being able to take part in daily activities using English. 
However, a sound knowledge of grammar will not only assist students in comprehending speech and texts but also in improving their other skills, most importantly, writing. The class will strengthen students’ understanding of grammar, vocabulary, meaning and usage, which are fundamental factors that need to be mastered in order to fulfill their goals.

Course Content

Courses shall thoroughly cover such parts as grammar, vocabulary, meaning and usage of structural words or particular sentences. Students will then apply what they’ve learnt by writing responses to topics that require students to engage the learnt grammar, further enabling comprehension of the grammar points. The classes are divided into 3 levels as follows:

1.     Basic

2.     Intermediate

3.     Advanced  

The academic writing courses are based on the fundament of writings, such as forming simple sentences or paragraphs up to advanced writing skills, such as writing reports, educational articles and research papers. The writing part of this course can also assist the student in earning higher scores on the TOEFL exam.

Learning materials:

1.     Writing I emphasizes on forming sentences and paragraphs, reviewing significant grammar issues and providing a stepping stone for students to be proficient in using English for writing. Some of our applicable texts are Combining Sentences, Writing as a Thinking Process and Composition.


2.     Writing II emphasizes on writing as a way to propose different ideas in the form of short essays.  This writing is highly structured and must be consistent with the content to be presented.  Writing at this level can be used in writing essays for both TOEFL and IELTS.  The textbook used for the course is ‘Writing Academic English’.


3.     Writing III emphasizes on university-level academic writing in which each student must pass Writing II Course or our Placement Test as its prerequisite prior to enrollment. The textbook used is ‘Academic Writing.