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G’day to all my dear students!  I am Aidah. I received my Master’s degree in International

Business from the University of Canberra in Australia with past experience of teaching pharmaceutical science to undergraduates.

Here at WSC, I teach English Reading and Writing and hope to see you in my relaxing yet thought-provoking classroom atmosphere. Or even if you just want to consult me about planning your studies, I will be delighted to come to your aid.

I always welcome and look forward to seeing you in my class.


Hello! I am Jasmeet, a gold medalist postgraduate from one of India’s most reputed universities.

I teach Mathematics for IGCSE, GED, SAT, and Science For IGCSE and GED.  I can also help students with GRE/GMAT Math and IELTS speaking and listening sections.  My idea about Mathematics is that it is like LOVE-a simple idea that can get complicated. That is why I put in the best of my efforts to make problem solving easy for my students. Each problem solved becomes a rule for the next one and helps in further simplification of the learning process. If you want SPEED with ACCURACY and THRILL, then you need to be in my class.  I make sure that my students can finish the tests they are taking well before time, so that they get time to double-check their answers.  I can make adrenalin rush in your body during the class.


Science is something you need to learn and understand in as simple a language as possible, and I make sure that I simplify every concept for my students and put it in words that they understand.
I really believe that the essence of education is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simpler.  Come to my class and fall in love with Mathematics and Scienceas we take the journey together to help you reach the zenith.


Hello world! It's me A. Fon. Do you know that science can be fun? Just come by my class and you will see all the edutaining pictures and diagrams which can make you easily  understand science while having fun at the same time! I graduated from Prince of Songkla University in Microbiology. This is why I can teach all science-related subjects [e.g. GED, IGCSE, GCE, CU-ATS Nano] especially  Biology. Sounds fun?! Not really?! As I told you earlier, just come! and you will love science ^ ^


Hi! I'm Au, a graduate from  Silpakorn University in the Faculty of Science with a Biology Major with honors.

I teach all mathematics and science-related subjects at WSC. I really hope that all my students will gain the best knowledge from me and can adapt this for their further education and future.


Born in the Philippines, I have graduated with the Bachelor’s Degree in Education, major in English. Ever since, I have assisted learners in improving their English abilities. I always remind everybody “studying hard pays off”. I look forward to helping all of you. Please call me Elpy.


Commonly known among my students as Richard the Phum

I help those with a feeling of exam-related impending doom

Lucky to be locally born and internationally educated and bred

I will make sure that you wåçill overcome all the politico-socio-historical subjects without having to fret


I’m Zack - a Psy major/Soc minor from the University of Toronto and a TESOL graduate from Chichester College. I teach all English-related subjects here at WSC.  I remember a movie line from ‘Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time’.  The fugitive prince says, ‘it’s difficult, but not impossible’, while trying to accomplish a mission that looks utterly unfeasible.  And I just couldn’t agree with him more!  Achieving a high score in a test can be equally demanding but is by no means unattainable.

Under my tutelage, you will learn to unlock the mysteries of exam questions & ace all your English tests in no time.  And as a perk for Facebook users, here’s my fan page for anyone wishing to hone their English skills: www.facebook.com/thaianglophone or you can search on your Facebook by typing ‘ลับคม English’ as well.


Using English can be just a piece of cake!

I'm Teacher Ja, a graduate from Assumption University, majoring in Business English and minoring in Business Japanese. I teach all English subjects here at WSC. Come and experience the first-rate edutainment in the most relaxing yet academically stimulating atmosphere of my class.

I look forward to getting to know you, and we will surf the world of English together.


Do you seriously think that studying is such a bore?  If yes, you’ve got some
thinking to do! Join my class, and you’ll be surprised you just can’t wait for the
next lesson to begin.  English isn’t that difficult, nor is science.  You’ll know
why once we meet up!

I’m Sue, and I graduated from the international program of Chulalongkorn University
in Applied Chemistry.  If you have any questions regarding English and Science,
please feel free to ask me.  I’ll guarantee that your studying experience will not
be just a good but a great one!


Hello everyone,

My name is Aniwat (Bee) Pengsawang. I graduated from Khon Kaen University, Thailand and Newcastle University, UK with a BSc degree in Chemistry (first class honour) and an MSc degree in Sustainable Engineering (merit award), respectively. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD degree in Inorganic Chemistry. At WSC, I have been teaching the foundation and advanced courses of SAT Maths and IGCSE Chemistry. I always believe that obtaining good scores is a result of hard working, well-strategic preparation, and practising. Preparing yourself with good strategies, especially, is the most important. Here, I am to help you and get you ready for the tests. Nothing comes in our hands with no effort. So, start planning your study today with us and constantly work hard as practice makes perfect.

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